TESTIMONIALS – Written recommendations from celebrities and satisfied clients affirming the quality, and value of counselling received from Dr. Prerna Kohli


“I got almost everything I could ask for but despite ticking off many of the right boxes all wasn’t well with me, I was lacking behind on several aspect and battling problems from personal as well as professional front. To put it in other words “bhagvan ka diya hua sab kuch hai izzat hai shohrat hai” but that doesn’t necessarily implied a perfect life, in fact there is no such thing called perfect life because there always imperfection in some form or other. The day I first I meat Dr. Prerna Kohli she did not take me long to realize that she’s one person who can help me in coming out of the shell and bring that much needed positive change I was looking for and my further meetings with her I was proved right I shared many of the problems that I was battling and struggling and soon i began to feel change in myself. I am very great full to Dr Prerna in helping me supporting me in looking at challenges head on , for example several time I was in two minds when it came to making decisions. counseling sessions with Dr. Kohli helped in overcoming indecisiveness and since then many of my decisions have turned out to be wise and rewarded I wish everyone had a Dr.Prerna Kohli in his or her life”  S.J.


“Now, too much of nothing Can make a man feel ill at ease”

Unplugging from my ears, this Bob Dylan song, I walked in her office-a pristine room distinctly marked by the flickering light of candles.

Flickering light

While I sat and waited for her, every flicker of light engrossed infinity within.


We all search for discrete in our lives when infinity is freely available. Strangely, when we seek a counsellor or a mentor or a philosopher or simply a friend; we seek not for the mind but for the heart.

The heart

I went to her with a burdened mind and an unexplored heart.


And, all life has been anything since but a timeless exploration.


It only took 3 sessions to love abnormality and accept the elegance of acceptance.


It’s perhaps the most gracious time of my life that I found the simplicity of letting mind breathe with heart.


Sometimes it’s that simple-breathing deep and full, as she said the first time.


And depth is all but within us, so is peace, so is freedom. Sometimes all it takes is letting you being guided by grace.


The one that can show you hope spelled in candle’s flickering light. RISHABH

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    Dr Prerna Kohli’s student for mind training Neha won a Gold medal for India at World Skills International Competition in Beauty and Wellness held in New Zealand. Neha, Gold medalist, speaks about mind training with Dr. Prerna Kohli 



    Prerna conducted her workshop powerfully and with authority over her subject. Sharing her own powerful daily affirmations and examples made it easy to associate and understand the subject. She has an aura of a person, who is joyous, confident and continuously willing to learn and She brought the same energy to the workshop brought the same energy to the workshop loved every minute of the wonderful growth on its way to you!



    Dear Prerna, your presentation was awesome. I loved the way the energy was flowing in…It was pretty amazing to see the group transforming during the session.

    I loved the affirmation bath of money, gold coins pouring in!! A real wow for the visualization you are a superstar!!

    Your affirmations are really creative & powerful.

    All the Best!



    Prerna is excellent in her delivery! She exudes assurance and confidence. She guides the session well and very naturally. The personal experiences she had shared make her relatable and convincing. Her power and strength moves us all I would want to be all her classes! I want to bring her home with me! Simply splendid precious power!With love & peace, a believer



    Prerna’s presentation was incredible! It was inspiring! Abundant! And very positive! Loved the affirmations made. Loved her positive energy and good vibes! Her aura is so energetic and powerful! I have her energy! She’s an amazing workshop leader! God Bless Her!