Dr Prerna Kohli India's Leading Psychologist counsels on Substance Abuse
Dr Prerna Kohli India’s Leading Psychologist counsels on Substance Abuse

What is a Substance Use Disorder?

Firstly, Disorders relating to manipulative behaviour arising from the regular and consistent use of substances are called substance-abuse disorders. They include the use and abuse of substances such as alcohol, heroin, cigarettes and cocaine.

Thus, in Substance-dependence the individual shows intense craving, withdrawal symptoms and compulsive drug intake. Hence, the individual desires to consume larger and larger amount of the drug to get the same ‘high’.

Alcoholism destroys millions of families, social relationships and careers. It also has harmful effects on the individual’s children leading to psychological disorders such as excessive anxiety, depression, phobia and substance-dependence disorders.

Cocaine abuse can lead to short-term memory loss among other problems.

Heroin intake interferes with social and cognitive functioning. It can also lead to death in some cases. Its most direct effects are depression, fatigue, sleep problems and anxiety.

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Symptoms Indicative of Counseling

  • Intolerance, requiring larger amounts of the substances to get a high
  • Not using the substances for a few days causing Excessive sweating, insomnia as well as nausea
  • There is persistent desire for the substances
  • Important social, occupational and other activities are given up

If you or anyone you know is abusing substances, please contact an experienced psychologist at the earliest possible.