“Accept your parent’s mistakes and forgive your children’s mistakes.”

– Dr. Prerna Kohli

The relationships between the parent-child should be mutual, void from anger, violence, and above all discrimination.

Mother's Love - Dr. Prerna Kohli, India's top psychologist
Mother’s Love – Dr. Prerna Kohli, India’s top psychologist

Benefits of positive Parent Child Relationships

  • Firstly, Helps children develop positive long-term relationships
  • Secondly, Helps children better understand their feelings
  • Lastly, Reduce power struggle and misbehaviour by children

Symptoms of poor Parent Child Relationship

  • Breakdown of communication
  • Mistrust
  • Anger, hostility, aggression shown by children
  • Substance abuse- drugs, alcohol etc

Thus, Parent Child relationships can be developed and improved with counselling counseling. Hence, If you or anyone you know is addressing the complex issues of Parent Child Relationship, please contact an experienced Psychologist at the earliest possible.