Dr. Prerna Kohli

Eminent Clinical Psychologist: Helping people Nationally & Internationally


Dr. Prerna Kohli is a four-time gold medalist, eminent clinical psychologist, a public speaker, workshop facilitator, intensive research scholar and a social worker. Dr. Kohli is an awardee of “100 Women Achievers of India” by the President of India.

She offers Heart-based workshops and lectures that focus on Life Balance, Self-awareness, and Inner Peace. Dedicated to sharing her knowledge and compassion with others, Prerna blends intuitive wisdom with solid understanding, creating a powerful holistic approach, specializing in the areas of Emotional change. She spends considerable time in teaching Life Skills to Tihar inmates.

In Dr. Kohli’s words, “I approach all of my clients with the desire to help them relieve their troubling symptoms and resolving their current life problems. Even though my approach is psychoanalytic, I belong to a new school of relational and interpersonal psychoanalysis that has blossomed over the past twenty years. Rather than focusing heavily on past events, I help my clients integrate their past with their present. Understanding the genetic and environmental forces that shaped the persons they are today helps provide valuable insight and perspective on their current situation. Thus it is a Client-Centered Therapy and I also like to involve the Family in Support Therapy to the client.I work to educate my clients about human nature, including the fact that we cannot control how we feel. This has recently been confirmed by neuroscience research, even though many people believe that they can control what they feel. What we can do is work to understand and accept our feelings, manage them better, and reduce their intensity if they cause problems. I tell my clients that even though they cannot control how they feel, almost always they can control how they behave.So my approach blends greater self-awareness with knowledge of how the mind works to help my clients take responsibility to change their lives. I am an active participant in this process and I do not hesitate to give feedback if the client seeks it. My private practice is currently based out of DLF City in Gurgaon. Clients visit me or take tele-counseling from all across the world. All the cases are Highly Confidential.I am a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in psychotherapy and counseling, my academic background is as follows:

Doctorate: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)
M.Phil: in Clinical Psychology from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)
MA: in Clinical Psychology from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)
BA: in Clinical Psychology from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)

I am a four-time Gold Medalist in Psychology.I have written numerous papers and articles in Academia and in popular journals and I have been frequently interviewed and quoted in magazines, newspapers and other forms of print and electronic media.I bring spirituality into play and look at the holistic wellbeing from the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual angle. Meditation and hypnosis techniques where required, are explained and used. For the past 20 years, I have been a private practitioner in the National Capital Region. Clients from all socio-economic strata of life, celebrities, honchos from leading multinational companies, CEOs and Managing Directors of large companies, senior management, middle management and executives from various companies, school children, housewives, young mothers and couples who require marital counseling are my clients.My belief is to equip my clients with the knowledge and skills to overcome their hurdles, problems in the quickest possible time and to allow them to resume their normal lives at the earliest.”

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