Dr. Prerna Kohli is a philanthropist, who likes to seek the welfare of the underprivileged. She feels that “chequebook” philanthropy is easy. It is much tougher and exacting to devote one’s personal time and energy into the upliftment of the deserving. Given below are organizations that Dr. Kohli is actively supporting.



Kinship For Humanitarian Social And Holistic Intervention (Khushii), an established NGO with a presence and recognition pan India. Khushii (Kinship for Humanitarian Social & Holistic Intervention) is a national organization working for the upliftment of poor and destitute communities in both rural and urban areas in India. Over the last 7 years, Khushii has worked tirelessly to grow and expand. Through the scope of activities in the fields of education, healthcare, livelihood training, micro-finance and environment. Thus, to reach out and uplift as many lives as possible.



amar-jyoti-logoAMAR JYOTI:

Amar Jyoti Research and Rehabilitation Centre was established in 1981 at Delhi. It is a voluntary organization rendering rehabilitative services to persons with disabilities through a holistic approach to inclusive education, medical care, vocational training, child guidance and self-employment. Hence, their mission and vision are to provide equal opportunities and full participation to persons with disabilities.



Tamana is a non-profit voluntary organization registered in March 1984, created solely with the purpose of helping the cause of mentally challenged, multiply disabled and autistic. They offer an Individual Educational Program for every student, aimed at social and economic independence. Also, It incorporates special education, a regular academic program through the NIOS, therapeutic interventions and vocational training. Each Centre of Tamana offers -speech, occupational and physiotherapy, life skills training, computer education, music and dance, weight management and physical fitness, sports and extracurricular activities, counselling, behaviour modification, diagnostics and assessment facilities, family counselling.


india-vision-foundation-logoINDIA VISION FOUNDATION:

India Vision Foundation was born with the receipt of the Ramon Magsaysay Award by Dr Kiran Bedi in the year 1994. The India Vision Foundation began its work inside the prison. Thus, by setting up a bread making unit within the Prison, for the welfare of the inmates. The profits earned went to the Prisoner’s Welfare Fund. In the India Vision Foundation a Plant Nursery is set, where rare saplings are grown and sold outside. The proceeds again went to the welfare fund. The Foundation also made a video documentary on the life and reforms in Tihar Jail. Hence, with a view to promoting the efforts of reformation and generation of community support


ila-trust_logILA TRUST:

The Ila Trust was founded on October 26th, 1994 by Reeta Devi who began working with Mother Teresa at the age of sixteen. She continued her work in all spheres of health care, which included HIV/AIDS. In 2003 the Ila Trusts first mobile clinic in Delhi started with two doctors and a nurse on board. Now, with three mobile clinics, ten doctors, four pharmacists, five screeners, three drivers and some administration staff, working within several Delhi slums form the backbone of the Ila Trust. Also, Ila Trust dedicates its work to Mother Teresa and The Missionaries of Charity.

action-for-autism-logoACTION FOR AUTISM:

Action For Autism (AFA) is a not for profit organization that pioneered the autism movement in South Asia and strives to access the rights of individuals with autism and their families. AFA has lifespan activities. Also, they include early intervention, education, assessments, work and employment, independent living, as well as awareness, advocacy and research. AFA partners with organisations nationally and internationally to make the world a more inclusive place for individuals with Autism. AFA views autism as a different way of being, often difficult and challenging, but nonetheless, as valid as, the non-autistic. The mission of AFA is to facilitate a barrier-free environment that enables the empowerment of persons with autism. Also, they act as a catalyst for change. It enables the persons with autism to live as fully participating members of the community

iamgurgaon-logoI AM GURGAON:

The city is expanding at an unprecedented rate, but its natural resources are limited. Hence, the resources have become scarcer with passing time, resulting in a crisis on several fronts. Thus, it has severely affected the quality of urban life in this city of tomorrow. Thus, this is where iamgurgaon comes in. We are by the citizen, for the citizen initiative that has taken up the responsibility to make Gurgaon a better place to live in.



blind-relief-association-logoBLIND RELIEF ASSOCIATION

Established in the year 1944, the Blind Relief Association, Delhi is a premier non-governmental organization in the country serving the visually impaired. the Association is providing quality school education and conducting training programmes to prepare teachers for the visually impaired; running a range of vocational training courses in light engineering and other industrial trades; imparting training in diverse skills like bookbinding and paper craft, relaxation massage etc; besides conducting computer literacy training programmes for the visually challenged.


helpage-india-logoHELPAGE INDIA:

Established in 1978, HelpAge India is a leading charity platform in India working with and for disadvantaged elderly and has become the representative voice for India’s elderly. Also, they are dedicated to improving the status of India’s senior citizens, it works in 23 states. It provides medical services, poverty alleviation and income generation schemes in urban and rural India. The poor financial condition, lack of affordable health care and the general neglect by society. Thus, it has propelled HelpAge India to step in and bring in elder welfare programs. Also, they have advocated for elder-friendly policies over 36 years.