Depression Counseling for Cancer Patient

Depression Counseling for Cancer Patient

What happens when you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer?

Worldwide, every year over 20 million (two crore) people are diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, the disease is such that some of them will die in a short span of time. Those who are lucky enough to have the disease diagnosed early enough, will after treatment be able to live long and fulfilling lives.

Dr. Prerna Kohli, India's top Psychologist explains why Counseling is Important for Cancer Patients
Dr. Prerna Kohli, India’s top Psychologist explains why Counseling is Important for Cancer Patients

When you or someone close to you, such as family member or friend is diagonised with cancer. It is essential to provide the patient the support to deal with this disease.

In many parts of the world, counseling is an integral element of cancer treatment. When an individual discovers that they are suffering from Cancer it is devastating. Patients, as well as loved ones, are unpleasantly surprised by learning about cancer.

An experienced psychologist is trained to counsel the patient and help them accept all the issues that they may be feeling which can be physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual.

Cancer Patients most often suffer from Depression and Anxiety. Additionally, aggressive cancer treatments can cause medication-induced depression.

Counseling can help the cancer patient resolve the various types of dilemmas that the patient most likely is thinking of.

Counseling will assist with:

Coping with your reactions to cancer, as a cancer patient there are may questions in the patient’s mind. The primary question is “why me”. Counseling will help you accept this

Family and relationship issues, many times the family members go into shock or some pull away. Counseling will help the cancer patient understand which family members they can be emotionally, physically and financially dependent upon.

Exploring personal issues, cancer brings most patients face-to-face with death, it is a time to accept your disease and adapt your future life plans

Dealing with practical issues, depending upon your family circumstances and support systems, the patient has to deal with practical issues regarding employment, treatment, reduced energy, change in lifestyle etc.

Move over, it is our strong recommendation that once a patient learns that they are suffering from cancer they should immediately seek mental health counseling. Counseling will help accept the medical diagnosis. A cancer patient who has a feeling of peace of mind will react more positively to the medication.

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