How Therapy Works

How Therapy Works

Most people have doubts how therapy works, and how it actually helps. We all have our fantasies and imaginations about therapy. We start wondering whether it will work or is it actually helping us. It generates myths and misconceptions, and people start to wonder whether to indulge in therapy or not.

People are hesitant about their mental illnesses, and when the help is offered they are wondering how it works.

Dr Prerna Kohli India’s Top Psychologist Talks about How Therapy Works
Dr Prerna Kohli India’s Top Psychologist Talks about How Therapy Works

Thus, below are few ways therapy actually works:

It’s a Gradual Process:

There is a fascination for everyone, where everyone waits for the “Eureka” moment. But, the truth is, there is no Eureka moment, where you figure out why and you break down like we see in movies. It is a slow and gradual process, where there is a development of insight. A person in therapy has to work inside and outside therapy as well, going through slow and gradual breakthroughs.

You are not Broken:

It’s a stigma around therapy and mental illness, that the person is broken and they need to be fixed. The truth is, there is nothing to fix, and therapy doesn’t fix anything because there is nothing broken. Instead, therapy gives you tools and insight to handle the situations better. Also, it helps to person to uncover new strengths and tools to aid themselves.

Dr Prerna Kohli India’s Top Psychologist Talks about How Therapy Works
Dr Prerna Kohli India’s Top Psychologist Talks about How Therapy Works

A couch is not always there:

People generally have a fascination that there will be a couch where they will lie down. But, it is not the case always. A couch is only involved in a certain kind of therapy session. The couch was popularized after Sigmund Freud started a school of therapy, which is known as psychoanalysis. Most of the times, the set-up of the therapist will have two chairs and a box of tissues. Due to popular media, the idea of the couch is popularized.

A therapist does more than just Listen:

Another idea of therapy people have is that the therapist only just listens. The role of the therapist is more than just listening to the person. It is a relationship, hence there is always a sharing of thoughts going on between the person and the therapist. At starting the therapist may ask certain questions or talk less, it is because the therapist is trying to build a relation by knowing the person.

No therapist will ever tell you what to do:

Therapy is not about telling what the other person should do. The therapist merely sorts out the emotions in the person which then helps the person to make the decisions. Thus, it finally comes down the person on what he/she should do, considering the learnings from therapy.

It’s not an Easy process:

Therapy is not easy. People have to challenge their beliefs and thoughts. They have to work on themselves and challenge their negative beliefs. They have to constantly engage in a fight with their negative beliefs and develop positive thoughts.

It’s not for the rest of the life:

Even though it is not a bad thing to continue therapy for a long time, it doesn’t have to be for the rest of the life. It is a slow process, but when enough progress is made, the therapist will start to create a boundary and start to stop the therapy process. Once the therapist sees and the person feels that the symptoms have reduced, the therapist automatically reduces the number and the frequency of the sessions.

Gender doesn’t matter:

It doesn’t actually matter if your therapist is a male or female. The preference of the gender will not change the course or the outcome of the therapy session. Regardless of the gender, the therapist will empathetically listen to you and try and make you feel comfortable without any judgment. The efficiency of the therapist doesn’t depend on the gender. All therapists want to make you comfortable so that you can share your thoughts.

Dr Prerna Kohli India’s Top Psychologist Talks about How Therapy Works
Dr Prerna Kohli India’s Top Psychologist Talks about How Therapy Works

They don’t analyse or read minds:

The therapist is not a magician, who can read your thoughts or enter your mind and start analysing them. A therapist cannot read minds and tell what you are thinking. Also, he/she isn’t analysing you, but only listening to you without any judgements. They just want to help you and that why they are sitting there.

They cannot Prescribe:

Lastly, a therapist cannot prescribe any medication. Only a psychiatrist or a doctor can prescribe medication. Hence, while entering therapy you don’t have to worry if someone is going to prescribe you medication. A therapist might refer or suggest a person if they feel that medication is necessary, but usually, they prefer to help you with psychotherapy.

Knowing how therapy works, helps people to open up and understand. Hence, if you feel that you were worried because you were hesitant about the process, this blog might help you ease your worries. Thus, if you feel like entering therapy you can contact a psychologist near you.

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